Each of these will eventually link to a separate page for each starter project with:

  • Description
  • What starter project it’s built on
  • What apps it uses (and perhaps particularly showcases)

List of Starter Projects


This project lays the foundation for all other Pinax starter projects. It provides the project directory layout and Bootstrap-based theme.

pinax start zero mysite


In addition to what is provided by the "zero" project, this project provides thorough integration with django-user-accounts, adding comprehensive account management functionality. It is a foundation suitable for most sites that have user accounts.

pinax start account mysite


In addition to what is provided by the "account" project, this project integrates with python-social-auth for Twitter, Facebook, and Google authentication.

pinax start --dev social-auth mysite


This project gets you off and running with a blog.

pinax start blog mysite


The purpose of this starter project is to provide a robust mocking and design tool.

pinax start static mysite


Builds on the Accounts starter project to get you off and running with a document library built around pinax-documents.

pinax start documents mysite


This project is a demo starter project that provides a wiki for authenticated users.

pinax start wiki mysite


This project is a starter project that has account management with profiles and teams and basic collaborative content.

pinax start team-wiki mysite

Additional starter projects:

  • pinax-project-social
  • pinax-project-waitinglist
  • pinax-project-symposion
  • pinax-project-lms
  • pinax-project-forums
  • pinax-project-teams

Some starter projects just demo an app or collection of apps. Some provide scaffolding during the development and testing of an app. Some are full-featured, out-of-the-box sites. Some lay the foundation for almost any custom Django site.